Sierra Gehenna

The Sierra Gehenna region is well-named; it is a vast region swept by flaming-hot winds, nestled like a desolate depression between two towering mountain ranges on either side. Miles and miles of desert lie in the valley below, split by the forgotten and abandoned remnants of old highways and the rubble and ashen ruins of lost cities destroyed in the Fall.

In the mountains surrounding this great valley, and rising from the rocks throughout, jut the austere and grim faces of Foundation monastery-fortresses; huge citadels of stone built to oversee vast stretches of country, from which these advanced peoples can mount attacks against those moving through their lands.

I’ve been to this corner of the world, which was once a great bed of Ancient civilization, now a ash-covered basin of burned-out ruins and lost roadways meandering in the valleys. Settlements ranging from small trade hubs to large slaver cities dot this hellish, lawless region, connected by well-traveled routes often crowded at times with mile-long caravans and convoys of trade goods and slaves – slave typically taken from the poor primitive tribes of the mountains and sold in the skin markets of the Gehenna cities.

The Sierra Gehenna is a dangerous, awful place of radiated ruins and degenerate peoples. An abundance of technological wonders are known to surface now and again among the ruins here, and even slavers and strong-arm communities are known to utilize advanced weapons to guarantee their long life and prosperity. The Foundation, born in this land, stands as the biggest of the bullies, its message of preservation looming more like a threat than a promise to the people of the region.

Sierra Gehenna

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